Study Plans

Bachelor of Business Administration:

Students at the beginning of their bachelor’s studies receive a total of 216 ECTS credit vouchers (36 in reserve). For the completion of the Bachelor’s degree, students have to collect a total of 180 ECTS in the following structure:

  • mandatory courses (group oP) of 142 ECTS;
  • elective courses (oV group) at least of 23 ECTS;
  • language course of at least of 9 ECTS;

From the Academic Year 2019/2020 on the total of 180 ECTS must be completed in the following structure:

  • mandatory courses (group oP) of 143 ECTS;
  • elective courses (oV group) at least of 22 ECTS;
  • language course of at least of 9 ECTS;

From the above, it follows that there must be 6 ECTS credits left for the graduation (the final state examination and the defence of Bachelor’s thesis).

Students must achieve at least 12 ECTS from languages courses. It is obligatory for all students to pass the course 3BE221 which is the preparation for BEC higher test. They may select that course anytime during their study without the obligation to pass English I, II or III. The remaining ECTS credits from group fjP could be gathered either by choosing another language besides English or any course taught in a foreign language (other than English).

Students are also obliged to pass one Sport course anytime during the Bachelor program. This course is not evaluated by ECTS credits however it is mandatory.
Students register to the course via InSIS.

Recommended study plans: