Student dormitory – basic facts

International students can apply for accommodation in the university dormitory. There are two different blocks for international students; Eislerova dormitory (Jarov III. F) and Thalerova dormitory (Jarov III. G). They are situated in Jarov district, Praha 3, which is approximately 20 minutes from the University by direct tram line 9. Both blocks are about 25 minutes from the city centre.

Only double-bed rooms are available in the dormitories. Due to capacity limits, it is not possible to get a single room. Students are assigned to stay in the room with a person of the same sex, unless they have an explicit wish (going both sides from them and their counterpart) to stay with somebody of the opposite sex. (For more information see

Here are some photos of living rooms:




There are quilts and pillows (filled with a feather) with bed linen available in each room (students can ask for clean bed linen twice a month). However, there are no dishes, pans or eating utensils provided. There is a laundry room in each dormitory. Each dormitory has TV rooms, keys are available at the reception desk (ask for “Televize”). There is also a gym in the Roosevelt dormitory. In the Palachova dormitory (Jarov I.) there is a fitness centre (the entry with a special card which is available at the reception desk). Some other equipment can be borrowed for a minimum fee or even for free from the reception e.g. iron, vacuum cleaner, balls (volleyball, basketball), hand pump, First Aid Kit etc.

An internet connection is available in most of the rooms (network card (10/100-base-t) and RJ-45 non-cross over patch cable are needed).
There is also a computer lab in the Study Center Jarov. It is situated in the same building as the student canteen (a rather low building just behind the Thalerova dormitory – Jarov III. G).


To apply fill out the dormitory application form here.